Bassi Formaggi

Our company, the production, "DOP" and the territory

Experience, tradition and quality

Bassi SPA is constantly attentive to the market‘s need and dynamics, putting the efforts to better meet the customers demand, offering high quality products.

With years of experience and traditions, the Company combine a technologically advanced manufacturing environment to a processing cycle where all the hygienic and sanitary standards are respected.

With to the constant growing of the Company, with a foot in the past and a foot in the future, BASSi SPA has a very innovative concept of the high quality and competitive standards to bring to the word wide market, touching all the national and international requests.

OUR RAW Materials

Transparency and traceability are the hinge points of BASSI SPA in the choice, transport and processing of the raw material.

In the Dop Gorgonzola’s production is used only milk from the best farm in the area of Piedmont and Lombardy.


All the Dop Gorgonzola processing cycle happens in our establishment, where specialized technicians keep monitoring and guaranty the highest standards of sanitary hygiene and production.

We are very proud of the development of the whole production cycle… from the milk to finished product.


The Protected Denomination of Origin, better known with the acronym DOP it is a trademark of the legal protection attributed by the European Union to Foods whose peculiar qualitative characteristics depend essentially or exclusively on the territory in which they are produced.

A look to the future

The high quality standards are mirrored as well in the Bassi’s intention to fulfill professional and qualified figures, from this have born a partnership with  EuroToques.