Bassi Formaggi

Raw materials

Quality, trasparency and traceability

Transparency and traceability are the hinge points of BASSI SPA in the choice, transport and processing of the raw material.

In effect in the DOP Gorgonzola’s production, process is used only milk from cows Frisona, Jersey and Brunalpina from the best Lombardy-Piedmont farms, certified and approved by the consortium of Gorgonzola di Novara in compliance with the restrictive parameters of Protected Denomination of Origin.

Bassi - Materie prime

Quality, transparency and traceability of the entire production chain are guaranteed by the scrupulous controls performed by external and internal analysis, laboratories that monitor the Company’s productive process.

The production of lactic ferments takes place in a dedicated area with latest generation implants and high innovation technology.

The Supply of raw materials is also traces by the use of tankers belonging to the Company for the transport of milk. As well as the distribution of the packaged product with insulated Lorries at the temperature of 0°C/4°C.