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DOP Gorgonzola’s production

All the DOP Gorgonzola processing cycle happens in our establishment, where specialized technicians keep monitoring and guaranty the highest standards of sanitary hygiene and production.

Collection and treatment of milk

The Milk used in the Bassi’s DOP Gorgonzola it has only collected from the best farms selected, certificated and approved from Gorgonzola’s Consortium of Novara. Respecting the restrictive parameters of the Protected Designation of Origin.

Collected and transported in tankers belonging to the Company, the Milk arrives to the establishment and is subjected to the pasteurization process during which all bacteria and harmful microorganisms are eliminated for human health.

In this stage, the milk, it is taken to a minimum temperature of 72°C for 30 seconds.

Bassi - Produzione
Bassi - Produzione


In this second step, the milk it’s taken at 32-35°C and enrich with selected lactic ferments made inside the establishment such as rennet, Saccharomyces cerevisiae’s family yeasts and spores mold Penicillium Roquefort, all elements that give to Dop Gorgonzola the unmistakable aspect, flavor and consistency.

Cut, drainage and stamp

Once all the ingredients are together next step proceed with the breaking and working of the curd into cubes using the cutting equipment. After working, the curd is placed on spool tables favoring serum drainage and after it has been drained, it is distributed manually with the overlapping of curd layers inside special cylindrical stamps.

This is one of the most important passage of the Dop Gorgonzola, when the curd mixed with serum its texture in cheese, expelling the serum and apply the origin’s mark.

DOP Gorgonzola maturation

During the maturation process, the Dop Gorgonzola forms are transferred inside room with a temperature of 2°-7° and humidity of 90-99%. Reproducing the same environmental conditions of natural caves in which originally the maturation took place.

Depending of the typology of Dop Gorgonzola, Sweet or Spicy, the forms are pierce on both flat faces.

The holes allow oxygen to enter so that the inoculated mold can be develop.

Each Week the Dop Gorgonzola forms are manually turned to uniform the development and maturation of the cheese.

The period of maturation must during minimum 50 days for Dop Gorgonzola Dolce and minimum 80 days for Dop Gorgonzola Spicy.

Dop Gorgonzola Sweet, with a delicate taste, creamy and with a mild mold development needs to mature for about 2 months. Dop Gorgonzola Spicy, more compact and with a much stronger flavor needs to mature for 1 month more.

Bassi - Stagionatura

Packaging and distribution

At the end of the production cycle, Bassi’s Dop Gorgonzola is packed according to the packing format, starting from a 40g packs to Whole forms, and deliver on national territory, internationally and extra CE.

All The packing materials bear the consortium warranty mark.