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Green Planet: Environmental Sustainability

Green Planet: Environmental Sustainability

A look to the future, environmental sustainability and energy self-sufficiency with a progressive reduction of emissions is a duty today more than ever: to achieve this goal, the already presentphotovoltaic system that guarantees a yield of 200 kw is expected to make a company investment that go to enrich the project started, reaching a degree of energy self-sufficiency equal to 90%.

In parallel with the search for alternative and sustainable energy sources, Bassi Spa has invested in the modernization of industrial plants by replacing the old generations of boilers that feed the dairyand the hot chambers with new high-performance condensing boilers.

Recovering the recoverable is also the basis of the project developed for the plant in the area of ​​the Bassi spa dairy, in which there is a continuous exchange between hot / cold water flows to guarantee recovery of thermal energy avoiding dissipation unnecessarily heat.

In addition to thermal energy, water, a precious commodity, is also wisely reused where the system allows it. The washing waters are purified and reused in compliance with correct sanitary practices, guaranteeing to halve normal water consumption.

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