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Erborin DOP Gorgonzola sweet

Erborin DOP Gorgonzola sweet

Erborin Gorgonzola DOP dolce
Erborin Gorgonzola DOP dolce

DOP Gorgonzola sweet


Erborin is a very high quality gorgonzola: creamy, sweet and with a unique flavor, due to the particular blending of moulds.

The distinctive feature of this gorgonzola is its special cut designed to meet all the reduced weight range, ranging from 125g to 40g.

Gastromomy Cutting Service

Product Weight Item number Package Pelletisation
Erborin 40 g (peso fisso) 0167/40F 1x50 10x10
Erborin 100 g (peso variabile) 0167/100 1x12 10x10
Erborin 100 g (peso fisso) 0167/100F 1x12 10x10
Erborin 125 g (peso variabile) 0167/125 1x12 10x10
Erborin 125 g (peso fisso) 0167/125F 1x12 10x10

Nutrition Statement

DOP Gorgonzola sweet

Average nutritional values per 100 g of product

Energie (Kj/Kcal): 1270/306 (kJ/kcal)
Fats: 25,0 g
of which saturated fats: 17,5 g
Carbohydrates: 1,7 g
of which sugars: 0,0 g
Proteins: 18,6 g
Salt: 1,7 g