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Foreign Fontal


Foreign Fontal

Obtained from whole milk pasteurized vaccine, fontal is a cheese of medium consistency with a sweet and delicate flavor.

Soft pressed paste with a straw-yellow color, smooth and elastic red crust are the distinctive features of the Belgian fontal.

Completes the identity of this cheese a medium-large and regularly distributed rake.

The minimum maturing process of this cheese it is 30 days.

Fontal it is mostly a lunch/dinner cheese. Perfect as a second dish or to use as an ingredients due to the delicate taste.

Gastromomy Cutting Service

Product Weight Item number Package Pelletisation
Fontal Belga forma intera 12 Kg (peso variabile) 0303/1 1x1 4x5
Fontal Tedesco plastificato forma intera 12 Kg (peso variabile) 0360/1 1x1 6x10
Fontal Tedesco Plastificato 1/4 di forma 3 Kg (peso variabile) 0360/3 1x4 6x10

Nutrition Statement

Foreign Fontal

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